5 of the Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

Styling thin hair

So you haven’t been blessed with celebrity thick hair (don’t sweat it, most of the time theirs isn't natural), you can still have a glamourous hair style that will be the hair envy of all your friends. In fact, some of these styles will only work because you have thin hair (hurrah).

1. Graduated Bob

The graduated (or A line) bob can be a super elegant, stylish look, and it’s perfect for thin haired sisters. This is because your thin hair won’t make your face look wide! It should also be noted that this hair style is great for shorter girls, as your hair won’t cut your body in half.

2. Thick Bangs

Bangs are great way to instantly add volume and texture into thin hair, and are also a lot easier to control and style when hair is thinner. There is a bang style to suit everyone, just remember, you want your bangs to make you pop, not hide your pretty face!

3. Choppy pixie

Pixie cuts are cute as, and they definitely work better for those of us with thinner hair. By making the cut choppy, you can easily add volume and avoid your hair looking too thin.

4. Deep side Part

I know what you are thinking – but side parts don’t work on my thin hair! Sweeping all your hair to one side is a different matter entirely; this look is sexy on everyone. Add waves and curls to enhance the look and make your hair thicker than ever.

5. Lob with Light Layers

This look is fantastic as it’s so much easier to create and hold if you have thin hair rather than thick. Quick tip, don’t over straighten, as this will make your hair appear even thinner. Instead, add a little product and go natural, the layers will add movement and body to your hair.

Still not happy?

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