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Nick's Testimonial - Transitions Hair Group

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Wig Review

Transitions Hair and Follea Wig Review

Hair loss can really destroy self-confidence and stop people from feeling like themselves. This is particularly true for young people, who are already faced with many challenges to self esteem.

Lucy* is a fourteen-year-old girl suffering from Alopecia Areata. She came to Transitions having lost 80% of her natural hair. We helped her to discover a Follea Lifestyle Wig that looks just beautiful and has helped Lucy to feel like her confident self again. Check out this recent message from Lucy’s mother, updating us on her progress after a couple of months with her new look…

Hi Transitions, 

It's been a while since we last saw you and I just wanted to update you on Lucy's progress.  Basically you saved her!  The Follea wig you fitted her with is absolutely amazing, completely natural looking and really beautiful.  She went from being depressed and sad to her old lively self again, enjoying bike riding, dancing and sleep overs!  Sadly most of her hair ended up falling out and she's left with about 5%, but we are doing immunotherapy treatments and continuing with the Fusion vitamins.  There has recently been signs of re-growth throughout part of her scalp, so hopefully this will continue.

Once again thank you!

Follea wig

Above is an image of a beautiful, natural-looking Follea wig like the one used by our happy client.

To find out what a difference Follea wigs and topettes can make for you or your child, contact us on 1300 427 778 or book in for a free, confidential consultation here.

*Client's name has been changed for the purposes of confidentiality.

Posted by Andrew Wilson on April 19 2013   (0) Comments
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Follea Gripper Wigs - Made for exercise… and Mud Running!

Hi Everyone,

"Can I compete in a mud run with my new Follea Gripper Wig?"

This is not one of the frequently asked questions we get when people ask us about the Follea Gripper Wig.  Typical frequently asked questions are:

  • Can I exercise with my wig on?
  • Can I still go the gym?
  • Can I go swimming?
  • Is it secure in strong wind?  Will it come off?

The Follea Gripper wig was designed with the amateur athlete in mind - but not mud runs.  But this is what one lady from the wider Follea family decided to do and put the Follea Gripper wig to the test!  These pictures tell the story!  But make sure you read on for the full story:

Follea Gripper Wig

Dear Michael and Follea,

On August 18, 2012 I participated in Charity event for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. This event was called, “Dirty Donkey 5K Mud Run”. I love a Challenge and have always wanted to try something like this. This event intrigued me! I had no idea what to expect, except “MUD”!! Was I up for this challenge? Physically yes, hair wise, well I wasn’t sure.  “What would I do about my hair?” My biggest fear! Would I lose it jumping over hurdles, crawling or sliding in the mud? One can only imagine the embarrassment should that happen, and I was worried. Would everyone point and laugh? “Would my “Gripper Sport” grip as promised? Maybe I should just forget the event? Or  maybe I could wear my old hair, a bathing cap, a scarf, or a helmet? How could I look cool and keep my hair on my head? Not one to give up, off I went.

Gripper in place, heart pounding in trepidation and a worried little voice in my head saying, ”Keep a look out of what’s ahead (pun) and take an alternate route if necessary!” “Hey, I can do this!” MUD Obstacle #1, climb over the bales, run through knee--‐deep mud. No problem! Hurdles, easy! 1KM easy.  MUD Obstacle #2, hands and knees under a low--‐slung net in the creek!  “Hmm….what if the clip holding my hair up gets stuck in the net???” GET LOWER, CRAWL ON YOUR BELLY! Phew…I was sure glad that one went well. Gripper was still gripping! MUD Obstacle #3, run up the ramp, grab the ropes and make it to the other side or fall in the mud!  “ARGH…..down into the mud I went! Is my hair good? Do I still look cool?” MUD Obstacle #4 Water slide with a fire hose on your back! What a hoot!! Screaming and laughing all the way down! I could feel the water and warm air on my head! Gripper on? Yippeee!

Mud Obstacle #5 and #6 were safe ones, just the wind in my hair! BUT the last obstacle was a MUD BATH! Crawl under the wire, in the pit of mud, in order to exit the course! No way out of this one without jeers from the spectators and my family!! OH MY GOODNESS! Standing ahead of me was a very big, muddy guy with a 5--‐gallon bucket full of MUD aimed for me! MY HAIR!!!! Turning my head to avoid a faceful of mud, he dumped the whole bucket on TOP of my Head! Not just one bucket, but 3 buckets by the time I was out of the pit!!!!!!  I could feel every little pebble.

All that water and mud on my head, my skin..…. my Gripper! Oh man….what will my hair look like when I exit the course? Will my Gripper have gripped? How will I ever get ALL that mud out of my hair? To the cheers of my family, I exited the course, mud dripping down my face and caked in my hair. Mud covering every single part of my body. I was elated! Smile a mile wide! Mission complete!

GRIPPER STILL GRIPPING!! And I looked Cool!! In the end I did have to wash my hair 6 times in a row to get that silky feel and glorious shine back, but I would do the “Dirty Donkey MS MUD run” with my Follea Gripper wig again!

For more information about wigs, click here

If you want to find out more about Follea Gripper Wigs, please give us a call on 1300 427 778 or send us an email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Posted by Andrew Wilson on September 17 2012  
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Follea Gripper Wig Review Video - Wigs for Alopecia

Tonight I found a great video about Follea Gripper wigs -  a wig designed for people with Alopecia (Alopecia Totalis and Universalis especially, or advanced forms of Alopecia Areata).

The video is an interview between a young lady, Maykayla, and Michael Leigh, the President of Follea.  Maykayla shares her experience with her Follea Gripper Wig.  She has been using it for a couple of years and loves it so much she has become somewhat of an ambassador both for Follea Gripper wigs and also for raising awareness about Alopecia.  It's not often that people are happy share their experience of Alopecia so publicly, we applaud Makela for her braveness and openess.  It helps everyone.

At Transitions, we have been using the Gripper Wigs for a number of years and we are extremely happy with them.  We love the hair quality (gorgeous European/ Russian Hair) and how long they last for.  Our clients also love them!  Many have have switched to the Gripper wigs because they especially  love how it requires no glue, tape or any other kind of adhesive - it is extremely secure (watch the video to the end and you will understand what I mean!) and would never come off your head when fitted appropriately.  Also, they are very light, cool, and breathable (especially compared to the Suction or Vacuum wigs).  In a hot climate coolness, lightness and breathability are extremely important.  They also enjoy being able to feel the wind and rain on their scalp again!

Highlights in the video:

1. There are a number of close up photos of her hair (it looks so natural, as all of the Gripper wigs do).

2. The "Swish Test" - this is where Makela swishes her hair around like Beyonce in a music video.

3. The quality of the hair - she loves it and we are sure you will too!

For more information, call us on 1300 427 778

OR, drop us a line via email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Sydney Hair loss clinic 02-9212 4950

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Posted by Andrew Wilson on August 13 2012  
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Follea Gripper Wig Review by Transitions Hair Sydney Owner

Follea Gripper Wigs

After using the Follea Gripper wigs for over a year, listening to my clients responses and their experiences, I felt it was time to write a review. 

The Follea Gripper wig has been designed for those who suffer with Alopecia – especially Alopecia Totalis or Universalis – or those who choose to shave their head completely.  If you still have plenty of hair and you wish to continue using it, this wig is not for you.  However, those who are Alopecians (this is the name Alopecia community use for themselves) this innovative wig technology will be warmly welcomed. 

The Criteria for a Successful Wig

The biggest concerns for wig users can be categorized in two ways: functionality and believability.  Firstly, a wig must ‘function’, it needs to be comfortable, cool, breathable, fit correctl, be secure (so it won’t blow off in the wind) and have minimal maintenance – the less you have to fuss with your hair, the better.  Secondly, ‘believability’, it must look natural and undetectable, it needs to be as close to your own growing hair as possible.   The Follea Gripper wig excels in both of these areas. 

 Innovative Technology: What makes the ‘Gripper’ so good?

 The Gripper wig is an innovation in wig technology.  The secret to its success lies in a special proprietary silicone that ‘grips’ to the scalp. It is a very tactile substance that does not slide against the skin……. it grips.  This silicone is placed around the perimeter and throughout the interior of the wig (on the ‘Sport’ model), when fitted correctly it becomes complete secure. 

It has ‘Swish’ success!  This means you can ‘swish’ your hair about, like Beyonce on the dance floor, and it won’t come off. 

The concept of using a proprietary silicone to grip to the scalp is not new for us at Transitions, we have a similar wig in our Transitions Hair Premium Custom Collection called the ‘Totalis.’  It incorporates a similar ‘gripper’ technology and we have had many years of success with it.  Follea has achieved a superior ‘grip’ to the scalp, as soon as you touch the silicone you become immediately aware that it will do what it claims – to grip to your scalp with total security.  When fitted correctly it is extremely secure, removing the need for tapes or glue.  Even after styling one of these wigs, pulling the hair in all directions with some tension whilst cutting and blow drying, it simply does not move!   It’s brilliant!  If it can endure this kind of treatment, it can endure any kind of activity. 

Gripper Wig Overview

  • Available in five different sizes – XXS, XS, S, M & L.  The XXS is small enough to fit even the most petite head, usually.
  • Available in 11 beautiful colours
  • Genuine European Hair, delicately refined.
  • Lace front on all Models to create a natural hairline.
  • Available in three models – Gripper Cool, Gripper Sport, Gripper Luxe.

Gripper Cool – the original, most popular and best value (i.e. least expensive).

Gripper Sport – for those desiring extra ‘grip’ and security delivered through extra gripper silicone strips through the interior of the wig.  Designed for the professional and amateur athlete, gym junkie and generally active person who may perspire more than average. 

Gripper Luxe – all hand tied, custom order

What I like about the Follea Gripper Wig:

  • The Hair – Follea is famous for it’s high quality European Hair, I call it the ‘Prada’ of the hair addition world.   Follea uses genuine European hair on the Gripper, it is delicately hand processed, it comes standard with ‘straight with body’ hair.  This means the hair has ‘movement’, it creates texture, flow and natural body.  It’s easy to style and looks beautiful!  I particularly love the way the hair behaves so naturally in the wind.
  •  Security – The Gripper wig technology is creates a very secure fit, it won’t come off under normal and most abnormal circumstances.  Just be aware that it must be a snug fit. 
  • Comfort – the silicone gripper technology is soft, pliable and comfortable.  It should not cause any skin irritation.
  • “Breathability” – my clients report how cool it is, it allows your scalp to breathe and perspiration to evaporate, creating a cooling effect.  You will love being able to feel the wind and even the rain on your scalp. 
  • Lightness’ i.e. is doesn’t weigh very much.  Compared to other wigs, you will almost forget you have it on.  If you currently have a suction wig you will find that it is at least 50% lighter. 
  • Natural Hairline – the Gripper uses a Hollywood style lace front, individual hairs are implanted on the front edge to create a natural hair line.  You don’t need to use any tapes or glue on the front due to the superior fit.  The lace will lay flat on your scalp without them.  This makes it hassle free and improves the life of the hairline.  Excellent!  
  • Durability – the base or membrane of the Gripper wig is made from silicone, which by nature is long lasting.  You can expect this base to last you a good couple of years, even longer. The greatest point of weakness is the lace front, but since you don’t need to use adhesives on it you can expect to have a superior life span.
  • No Hair Loss – after using the Gripper for over one year, I have not seen any hair loss.  This is not say that there won’t be some as it ages.  What it does mean is that you should expect to have a very long life from a Gripper Wig.
  • “Correct Hair Density” – some wigs can be too thick especially around the sides and back and it doesn’t look natural.  Not so with the Gripper.  They have intentionally directed the hair flat (sides and back) so the hair will always sit the way you want it to.  If you ‘swish’ your hair, it will easily go back into position, just like your own hair used to.
  • “Passes the blow dry test” - even in the windiest conditions you cannot see through to the wefting.  Many Hybrid wigs lack this quality. In true Follea style and commitment to quality, they have added an extra 50% hair wefts to achieve this objective.  It allows the wearer to feel supremely confident. 
  • Weft support - Follea have overlaid and sewn supporting stretch material onto the hair wefts.  This allows the wig to retain its shape and structure for much longer.  The wefts will not go out of position, buckle or accidentally ‘stick out’.  Most other hybrid wigs do not have this and after a short while the wefts can stretch out and start ‘bunching’ up.  Overall, it adds to the life and durability of the wig. 

What you may not like:

  • The shape of the hairline around the sides, over the ears and nape – The gripper is designed to sit on the ‘bone’ of the scalp, not the soft tissue.  (i.e. the ‘fleshy’ part of the scalp where you can feel the fat tissue, muscle or anywhere that the skin may move when the head rotates).  This means the ‘temple’ hairline tends to sit a little further back than your own natural hairline and a little higher over the ears and where your ‘sideburns’ would usually be.  The hairline around the nape is also a little higher in order that it doesn’t rest on the muscles just below the occipital bone.  In saying that, I have not had a problem with styling the hair.  It always looks natural. 
  • Feel of the Silicone – some have found when they first put it on that the Gripper feels unusual due to the new silicone that they have not tried before.  Silicone is a unique substance and it is different from other materials used on wigs.  This sensation usually soon passes, and it’s an overall enjoyable experience.  The many other benefits of the Gripper wig quickly outweigh these potential negatives. 
  • Shaving – the Gripper works best on clean smooth skin.  If you have hair growing underneath you are advised to shave it regularly. Otherwise, it will tend to grip onto the hair, not always a pleasant experience. 

In conclusion, the new Gripper by Follea is a great innovation in wig technology especially for the Alopecian.  They will love so many of the benefits the Gripper presents; it’ lightness, coolness, breathability, security and comfort.  It will allow you to engage in life in a new and fun way.  Any negatives it may have are a result of a functional trade off, which for the benefits it gives certainly outweighs any  negatives. 

Do you want to see the Gripper in action? Click here to watch a video on the Follea Gripper wig. 

Posted by Andrew Wilson on March 14 2012  
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Andrew Wilson Talks Hair with President of Follea USA

Ever been surprised at something you found on the internet?  I had one of those experiences!

About 12 months ago, I was at the Follea HQ in Beverly Hills to meet up with Michael Leigh (President of Follea) and his team.  Michael asked me if I would like to share a few comments on my experience with Follea on video - it was completely impromptu, unrehearsed, unplanned and as it seems, this video is unedited.  Hence, i didn't ever think it would see the light of day.  i was wrong.

Anyway, please enjoy my few thoughts about Follea's wigs and Topettes.  I still feel the same way - they are great!  The hair is of unprecendented quality and it is a premiere way for women to overcome hair loss.  With Follea, women's hair loss can be a thing of the past.  

If you would like to speak to me personally, I work in the Sydney office and make regular trips to Melbourne.  If you live in Adelaide, speak to my Father, Woodrow Wilson, he taught me everything I know (almost!).

Ph: 1300 427 778

Sydney Hair Restoration studio: 02-9212 4950

Adelaide Hair Restoration studio: 08-8239 2243

Posted by Andrew Wilson on January 09 2012  
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